My name is Daniel Comerci, and I’m a freelance visual artist and designer. I split my work interests between corporate (branding, graphic and web design, layout) and entertainment industry, developing concept art, editorial illustration, book covers, character design, UI and game assets. I mainly use digital 2d and traditional media, with expertise in Adobe Creative Suite and Corel Painter/Clip Studio Paint.

  • Logos and typography
  • Brand identity, stationery, business cards
  • Flyers, posters, apparel and clothing graphics
  • Book layouts, brochures, folders
  • Illustration, Concept Art

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Daniel Comerci
Freelance Visual Artist

Piazza T. Fraccon, 23 – 36075
Montecchio Maggiore, VICENZA (Italy)
P.Iva 02128490220

Phone: +39 333 4885949
Mail: info@danielcomerci.com
Skype: thehoun – danielcomerci00